Friday, January 30, 2009


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here:

Serene: Hahahas! OH THAT!
Wahh, you got photographic memory ah,
ahahs see one time then rmb already!

SillyP: hahas, awww, thanks babe!

sEreNe: Thanks you babe! (:
Nadnut: heh, ok! After Feb 20! ):

Ash: Hahahs, the concealer one is for day,
and the massaging essense is for night actually!

Queenie: Hahahas, yeah, like whatever right!
Why would be care about comments from these weird people :x

Huanlin: Wahh! Why like that!
Then did you bring it to LG service centre or something?
Yuki: I guess you can wash them, but what's the point!
just buy new ones! hahas, they're pretty cheap anyway!
but i do think that brushes are better investments thou.
Jess:hehe, no problem sweetie. (:

Orange: Aldo! But it was the last piece thou!

Aldo! But it was the last piece thou!

Aldo! But it was the last piece thou!
the price is in the blogpost!

MMM: I use makeup wipes babe!
it wouldn't damage it as long as you're careful!

Yup! hahahas of course! Felicia: Ahhh, didnt catch you during CNY!

hahahs, it is clean enough!
If you're afraid that it's not clean enough use two wipes luh!

Esther: Aldo! it's the last piece for the pink thou,
but got black! (:

Hahahahs Bleah! You're the smelliest!
Indian food ahhhhhh~

Kingnie: (: lol, if you have a problem with my dressing,
why even bother to read my blog to irritate your precious eyes?

Got it from! (:

I love Ettusais too! ^-^

Queenie: ohehe, yup i have the whitening makeup base
and i love it! Try it try it!

the foundation case is from Majorlica Majorca!

hahahas, no lah, not at all! lol
Your blog is really cute thou! (:

Kok: I live in HDB! Why so kaypo? lol

After 20feb lah! After exams i everyday meet you also can! :x

Duh! Of course luh!

Size S!

hahas, an acquantiance introduce
me for a salon hair ad actually!

Awww! Thank you sweetie! (:

Can't see my chin?
hahas, maybe it's time for a trip to the optician?
Why are you reading my blog when
i look horrible to you? (:

Hahahas, you're so funny!

Anon: hahas, an acquantiance introduce
me for a salon hair ad actually!

Hehehe Aww girl, just ignore them!

Hahahs, little boy ah, you sure know me sooo
darn well that you know "practically ALL my flaws?"

If you do know me in person i would prefer you
to tell me whatever you said in person.
But i don't think you'll ever dare to do that?
And once more, i do not need you to like however i dress,
Because i will continue to wear whatever shit i like,
and i'm not the kind of person who will go and
turn into some skinny stick just to please you/make you happy.

Aww sweetie, just ignore him. lol.

heheh, whatever, right? (:

Happy Chinese New Year y'all!
So how's your CNY celebration?
&&& How's the ang pow collection?! heh.

The other day afew strands of my eyelash extensions dropped
and my itchy hands couldn't resist touching and pulling it,
so i went online to search on how to remove eyelash extension
properly without harming your real lashes!

The solution is baby oil or olive oil!
it'll loosen the hold of the adhesive.

I used johnsons and johnsons babyoil!
I know some of you will be like asking,
"huh, what for remove yourself?
Go to Milly's and she'll remove for you what!"

LOL! I know! but, too lazy to go all the way to town
to remove the extensions luh. :x

Spent an hour or more removing the extensions.
really a shitload of eyelash extensions! hahahas

My CNY was pretty boring this year,
Grandma house on the 1st day,
my cousins and aunties and uncles were all gambling,
but i don't gamble.. so i was like boooored to death,
watch stupid tv programs and stuffing myself to death
with kueh lapis!

Lol, every year i'll be the one polishing off ALL
the kueh lapis at my grandma house! so paiseh! :x

Then my aunties and uncles will be like..
"ahhh, eat eat eat, don't paiseh,
still have more in the kitchen!

2nd day of CNY, going to my favourite grandma house!

Grandma stuffed me up with her abalones and her great cooking!

then my parents fetched me over to boyf's house
and boyf and i went to the kbox in Marina Square
with his brother and parents.

i kinda hate going to ktv actually :x
it's soooo boring! i hate sitting around doing nothing
and listening to people sing on and on..

what's so fun about that?!

Received some of my spree loots and
clothes lovingly sponsered by FrenchFleur

Crabtree & Evelyn hand & body lotion.
it's my new favourite! I always apply it all over my body after bathing
and it leaves you smelling soooo nice with that light rose scent!

Loots from ASOS spree & Frenchfleur!
Love the pretty dresses frenchfleur sent me!
I wore it on the 1st day of CNY already~

In the cab to Plaza Singapura to meet boyf for dinner
at Mahattan Fish Market!

After dinner, went to the nuffnang movie screening for Inkheart!

Sayonara, loves,
gotta go study for my business management paper tmr!
Wish me luuuuuck, My schedule is like, totally full tmr,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Before i was chosen to be one of the brand ambassador of Ettusais,
i'm ashamed to say that i've never knew how to pronouce Ettusais
and what does this really unique brand name really means!

I use to pronouce it as E-tu-sa-is. LOL. :x
How embarassing! thank god my friends around me
didnt know the proper way of pronoucing it as well,
so.. there wasn't anybody around to laugh/correct me!


Miss Fidelis is here to educate you on the brand story of Ettusais,
girls, muahahahah. (...takes out whip, ahem.)

Cut the crap! So how do i pronouce ETTUSAIS?!

It's actually pronouced as "eh-tu-say"

And what is ETTUSAIS and what exactly does it mean?
Ettusais actually mean "YOU KNOW WHAT?"
It's a french expression commonly used amongst girls
when they get together to chat and gossip!
How cool, i never knew that!

From this you can tell that this is a very fun brand
and is targeted at young girls like us!
We can all recall the last time we gossiped and went
" Hey you know what!..yadda yadda yadda.. !"

But when it comes to their products,
Ettusais means serious business!

Many girls have the misconception that the skincare
from Ettusais is always targeted for girls with acne problems!

You're very very wrong indeed!
I've been using their Aqua shooter (a lightweight moisturizer)
for the longest time and i do not even have any serious acne
problem or anything~!

Ettusais's skincare range is suited for everyone
who wants CLEAR, FRESH SKIN!
No more open pores, no more zits, no more OILY SKIN!

My skin was pretty bad when i was still in Secondary school,
(I know.. puberty sucks..)
And at that time i was constantly worried that
the foundation or whatever makeup i use would
worsen my blemish-prone skin!

But i know i donn't have to worry when i'm using Ettusais's products!
Cos their makeup range is loaded with skincare benefits to
take care of your skin while ensuring that you look GREAT!

Even girls with blemish-prone skin wouldn't have to worry
that using the makeup would aggravate their skin!
In fact, it will help treat any problems that you have.
So the more you use Ettusais makeup, the better your skin!
How cool is that!

And now, I'm a loyal fan of their Zero Pore Pact (compact foundation)
and flat design liquid (liquid foundation, i'm just throught my 3rd bottle!)
Yes, all gitls should have different types of foundation for different occasions!

I use Zero pore pact when i need more coverages at times like when i'm breaking out like crazy before my period comes, or for photoshoots.

.. And flat design liquid when i want something lighter on my skin
that can cover my blemishes, to give me a smooth, even and radiant look!

For more information,
head over to
! (:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Many of you have been asking looooots of question about
my eyelash extensions that Milly have very kindly sponsered me! ^-^

I didnt wanna like look super fake, but i wanted it to be dramatic
so i don't have to use falsies or whatever! hahahs

Loooots of you asked how do i remove my makeup,
you should avoid using oil based makeup removers,
So the best way is to use makeup wipes!

I'm kinda like a clean freak when it comes to makeup removal,
Just wipe the eyelid area,
if you applied eye liner, it'll be better to wipe it carefully

without touching the extensions

Using wipes will be much much easier than like cleanser or sth,
then after using wipe, i'll wash my face with my usual cleanser!

Actually it's not that difficult to maintain or anything,
just try not to rub your eyes, and avoid the lashes
when you're washing your face, that's all!

Hahahas, i think it's damn good cos now even if i go out
without makeup, i won't worry that i'd scare somebody
to death with my naked face or sth! LOL!
Other than being a little troublesome when you're
removing eye makeup, i think there's really not much disadvantage!

But maybe around 2-3 weeks it'll start to drop afew strands,
but now Milly has this promotion, top-up 38bucks and
get unlimited touch up for the extensions!

So yah.. drop then drop luh! LOL!
Just go back and top up :x

If you need more information: check out

Boyf and i have been lately quite afew movies recently!

Watched Ponya on the cliff with boyf last week!
I love it! It's super cute, just like other anime movie
by the same author, Totoro etc!

Ponyo! Must go and watch! :D

Got ticket from Nuffnang for the Inkheart movie screening at The Cathay!

I think it's pretty okay, but omg, WE SAW THE
"AHHH OMG OMG OMG!" We're looked like two morons. lol.

Went to Love Matter's Gala Premiere with boyf, and his parents

Ordered a new cosmetic pouch today!
sobs, my pretty M.A.C cosmetics pouch is rotting~

Need to go catch some sleep now!
It's 8am and i'm still infront of my computer, lol
i was reading and i just can't stop, but i finally finished it!
I finish reading 2 books today :x

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:

Thursday, January 22, 2009


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here:

Serene: Thanks babe!
I bought mine from bugis street 2nd level,
they have these 10/box falsies!

Nadnut: Heheh, you love anything with cats on it huh!
ikea next next week! hehehe

Passerby123: Yeah! i cried so much when he ditched her
and felt so heartbroken for her!

Passerbyeeeee: Eeeeeer, USD LUH! LOL!

Huanlin: Eh? Did you bring it back to LG?

Faye: It's ok-ok luh, bimbo phone! Hahahas

Joyce: Yup!

Nana: Oooooh! I'll check it out! Thanks dear! (:

SillyP: Hashahas, starting a book is eeer, kinda crazy!
Hahahahs, but thanks babe!

Eyey: If i don't have, you ask me i also won't know right?

Esther: Ahhh, thanks babe hahahs

Mick: Lol, i'm not perfect my dear.
Just because i'm a blogger doesn't mean
i have to look perfect and bone-skinny right?

Hhh: Lol, oh come on, you bitter child.
Do you even understand the term creative makeup shoot?
And my clevage is just there, don't like to see it?
then i suggest you to not visit my blog anymore,
cos i just can't please everyone, happy? (:

Madna: lol, i didnt even realise that until
you say the 3 hours thingy!

Emily: Hahahas, go do luh!
While there's promotion faster go try at Milly's! (:

Hollyjean: Hahahas, okay babe!
So did you redo your extensions the other day?

Jane: Hahahas, actually i don't really rmb!
That hair dye was like last year and from
then i dyed my hair soooo many times already!
Sorry babe! :x Maybe you can download the picture
into your phone and go to Clover and tell
Raymond you wanna do this hairdye!

Guest: Sure! On my next post prolly! (:

Serene: Hello babe~

Dd: It's okay lah, actually it's not really a blusher,
after you apply the benetint you have to go over
with a layer of your normal blusher!
Order online! it's much cheaper~

Passerby123: Hahahas, 15 years old i think?
That time i was still "experimenting" with makeup hahahas
so still look like crap! :x

Cher: Hey dear, i'm not sure,
i'll check again and update the post with the prices ok! (:

Pp: Excuse me, You mean you will never have a boyf
if you don't have to intention of getting married?
And there's really no point, when you're not even
financially stable what for think of getting married? lol.

AND BTW, i'm 18, not 28.
So young think of getting married for what?!

Joojoo: Hello babe, i did it at Milly's!

Leanne: Erm, no mascara! Hahahas
Can't use mascara, i did the dramatic type.

Ash: Hey babe, np! It's actually a eye essence to treat dark eye rings,
and it's a concealer as well!

Serene: Eeeer, relax relax!
Hahahs, no need to drag other bloggers into this babe,
i'm sure this "hhh" is just some bitter kid who craves attention
So i'd rather ignore "hhh". Can't please everyone yeah. lol.

Jeanine: Hey babe, emailed you! hehe

Anon: Erm, i've no idea actually :x
i dislike people dragging other bloggers in to compare and stuff as well.

Mm: It's ok! Just use makeup wipes!

Hehehe, i just ordered some stuff for fel & Shirley for V'day~
I reaaaaaaally hope they arrive before v'day! *cross all my fingers!*
Remember to meet me before V'day darlings! ^-^

Worked at Sentosa Cove at the Volvo Ocean Race last Wednesday!
Was working for Sony Ericsson~
Had to go down to the agent's office for briefing
so i rushed over after my presentation in school!
Hahahahas, i was like blabbering on and on during the presentation.

Anyway, Jessica was suppose to come for the briefing as well,
but she couldn't at the last min, so we tried on the uniform,
and waited for the other girls to arrive and
Some smelly girl named maryann was super late lor!
so we
went to sentosa cove for the briefing!

It was damn annoying please,
i swear we stand around doing nothing
but waiting aimlessly
for like 1hour plus
for whoever to come and brief us?

Then FINAAAAAALLY ask us go briefing,
then my in-charge totally ignored me (which was kinda rude i think!)
and then i was like standing in the room like an idiot
waiting for him to actually START briefing me,
afterall i've been waiting for like 1hour plus
and i'm sooooo annoyed already!

Then he suddenly ask me to do some stupid things like
help him peel the sticker/protecter off
the Sony Ericsson phone and stuff..

WTFFFFF, faster finish briefing then i faster can go luh!
still ask me do stupid things -.-
then maryann came into the room and joined me
and we were wearing the same WTF-expression.
While the "in-charge" ask me to continue peeling sticker etc. o.0

Then he start "briefing me" and he only said:
"All you have to do tmr is showcase the phone,
take picture with the phone for the media/press,
showcase the walkman function"

Really waste of my time can,
wait around for so long for him to "brief" me,
which is really very very, SHORT?
i was soooo freaking tired/hungry already luh!

Hahahas, my bitching partner thru-out the event!

We had to reach harbourfront at 7am.. zZz..
..Zzz..I woke up at 5.30am to do my makeup.. zZz..
BUT in the end still no time to take train,
so i called for a cab anyway!

We were camwhoring at the portable toilet at the event!
Hahahahs, the toilet is damn poshy please.

jessica took the pictures with her cam but she didnt send me!
the portable toilet, got like air-con,
digital photoframe showcasing the volvo racing team
so we can see while we're peeing/shitting/whatever
weird stuff you do in the toilet.

Esther, jess, me & Nadnut! ^-^

The jobscope is like super simple and like super slack,
started work at 8plus and ended at around 6!

We only had to showcase the phones whenever
there are people and they kinda come in groups,
so me and maryann was like slacking around and
chit chatting at the lounge area for like 2-3 hours!

Lol, stole it from Sabrina's blog!

Went out with Gweeeeeeeenie yesterday!
I'm so annoyed with myself, pouts.
i brought my camera out but i forgot to take pictures with her!
@#$%^& She's so busy i see her like once a yeeeeear?!

Hehe, but i still love my crazy friend!

Hate my camera. o.0
never use flash also can get overexposed like that. Tsk.

But why always take picture then become REEEEED?!

We had lunch, shopped, bitch about our boyfs (LOL)
i bought a foundation for mummy as her b'day present,
a pink/gold bag for myself, another doggie book
(which i finished in half a day!), and a Hello Kitty toothbrush cover!

I looooove the bag!
It's like hugeeeeee, so i can chuck everything in there!
Especially when i'm shopping alone,
no boyf to help me carry my loots!
Hehehe, everything throw in the bag.

..and plus it's on saaaaale! <3>

Came home and found a big package sitting on my desk!
Couldn't rmb what did i buy that's so big also luh~

It's my hoodie and handcreams set from Victoria Secret!
Omg i love BOTH the hoodie and the handcreams!
Smell so nice and my skin feels suuuuuper smooth
when i slather it on after bathing!
was super sweet to send me a surprise!
I was really surprised to receive ANOTHER package
in my mailbox from Hollyhoque!

She sent me a super sweet white flutter-sleeve top!
Visit Hollyhoque to satisfy your online shopping cravings now~

Ahhh, i am soooo tired, did spring cleaning for my room today!
then went to cellgroup at night!
And i took like 3 hours to blog today, lol!
Gonna go get some sleep and study for my Econs paper on sat!

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:

Monday, January 19, 2009

This is the latest item from Ettusais!
Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence & Eye Zone Massaging Essence!

I've been trying it out for a week now,
religiously massaging the essence
every night as instructed !


I think dark eye rings are a common problem for most people, right?
Even boyf! Omg ever since i met him 4 years plus ago
his dark eye ring has been there already!
And it seems like he can never sleep his dark eyerings away. Tsk!

So, no choice but to apply concealer,
I know.. he's so vain for a guy right!
Tsk, nvrmind, i likeeeee, hehe don't wanna go out with Mr. Panda.
But his dark eye rings are really very horrible!

And i did some research and i found out about this:
There are two types of dark eye rings,
Brown dark eye rings/Blue dark eye rings.

For people with blue dark eyes rings,
Omg, what have you been doing,
not sleeping at night huh!
Naughty girl/boy! :D

What to do with blue dark eyerings?
Just take some time off and sleep more,

and stop sitting in front of the computer for 20hours aday
and straining your eyes, causes the blue dark eyerings you know!

And very importantly, massage your eyes with
Ettusais Eye Zone Massaging Essence to
promote blood circulation,
and your dark eye rings
will be soon goooooone!
How lucky~

So here's Ettusais Eye Zone Massaging Essence!
It helps to lighten both blue and brown dark circles
AND reduce puffiness at the same time!

Okay, so i've been trying out this product for the past week,
I love the texture of this eye essence!
It's so light and allows your fingers to glide along your eye area,
So no wrinkles/lines will form when massaging the essence
into your undereye/eyelids.

Anyway, i've always preferred eye essence/eye gels VS eye cream
all along cos years ago, i read that eye creams that are too rich,
would actually cause millia seeds on the undereye area!

i knew this girl who had like lots of millia seeds on her undereye..
it's makes her look like she's so much older
than her age and it's really ugly!

(Millia seeds are neither whiteheads or syringomas.
They are hard what "seeds" that forn under the skin
and can appear anywhere on the body, even on the knuckles etc. )

And i tend to get puffy eyes when i have insufficient sleep,
and i really really lacked sleep this few days,
really busy with projects, work, etc.
But my eyes looking have been looking so refresh as if
i've had enough sleep, which is like a miracle!

Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence

It's actually an eye essence to treat dark circle,
but works as a concealer as well!

For Brown dark eye ring, they are harder to get rid
even if you sleep 12hours aday!
SO SAD!!! I've got brown dark eye rings. Pouts!

Thou brown dark eye rings are harder to treat, THANKFULLY!
There are much easier to conceal than blue dark eye rings!
And the Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence do work for me!

Let me show you! :D

(Lol, it's not falsies, it's my eyelash extension!)

Hehehe, feel so good even if i go out without makeup :x
So i only drew my eyebrow,
I used Ettusais Acne Whitening UV Base.

So after prepping your skin with a makeup base,
i love ettusais acne whitening uv base cos,
firstly, it has whitening properties, secondly, there's SPF 24 PA++
and it's oil-free! Great for girls like me that have normal to oily skin!

Apply Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence all over
the undereye and eyelid! (I love to leave my concealer
like that for it to dry abit while i draw my brows)

DAB with your ring finger,
DAAAAAAAAB not rub or blend or whatever!

Cos the concealer is really lightweight,
so you should dab dab dab
and try not to ever rub your eyes luh!
Later got eyelines/wrinkles then you know!

Eyes look refreshed and brighten in less than a minute! ^-^

It's such a great product for lazy people like meeeee!
hehe, it's an eye essence and concealer in one,
so it treats your dark eye rings AND covers it!

it's also really light weight& it doesn't settle into lines at all!
It works to cover dark eye rings by neutralizing
the dark eye rings with colour pigments.

Ahhhh, and did i mention how much i looove the packaging?
I love the lipgloss-ish twist tube kinda packaging!
Very hygienic cos i won't have to dip my brush
into the concealer pot and stuff!

For more information, head over to ! (:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sponsered Advertorials:

You girls have been asking me if i'm done with my CNY shopping!
DUHHH, of course!

I think i can change 3 dresses in one day for the whole of CNY
and i still have new clothes and shoes! HAHAHAS! :x

Lovingly clothed by the.. oh yeah..
RED HOT Jeanine from Frenchfleurs
(Who is one of the ettusais brand ambassador, just like me! heh)
who have been so busy preppping for the next few collections
before CNY so you girls can literally SHOP TILL YOU DROP!


Some of the new dresses from her newest collection
that has just been launched!
Must be fast! Always sold out sold out. humpf!

I love these!


Hollyhoque have just released it's 2nd CNY collection!
The ever-so-popular blogshop, their clothes always get
snapped up sooooo quickly, be fast you girls! (:

Worried that the clothes won't reach you BEFORE CNY?

Don't fret! The super sweet girls have arranged a mass meetup
at Bishan, Saturday 24th january, 3pm.
So you can def get to wear your new clothes on CNY!

Anyway, Hollyhoque has started manufacturing their own designs!

How cool is that!
I'd like to have my own brand label as well luh!

Have you missed out the kate moss tanktop at topshop?
Althought you want it but thought that
it's stupid to pay so m,uch for a tanktop?

YAY, Now Hollyhoque has them!
She sent me two of them! How sweet~


Purchase 2 or more Kate Moss Inspired Button Down Tank
and get EACH at only $16 Mailed!
This is only applicable when colour combination
is Black/White AND Green/Navy

Grab 'em before their gone! ^-^